Use of Facebook for Promoting a Brand

There was a time when it was sufficient for websites and brands just to think about Search Engine Optimization. But that is no longer enough. It has now become essential to think about SMO or Social Media Optimization. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have all become crucial tools for helping a website and a brand get enhanced visibility. There are plenty of actions that one can take with Facebook to boost a brand or a website.

The use of informative and appealing content on Facebook helps a company immensely. Facebook allows you to schedule updates well in advance. So the smart thing would be to get writers to write plenty of quality content and then have it appear on the Facebook page at regular intervals. This way, followers of the Facebook site will have interesting news to read all the time. In fact, if they know the time schedule for the updates they would look forward to it and visit the page at regular intervals. It is also a good idea for the company to examine when the maximum number of followers log on to their site so that they can schedule their updates for that time period.

It is possible to target specific locations using Facebook Advertising Services. This is a good feature for retail chains with multiple stores. They can set the status update to only appear for people in a certain area or city. To achieve this they need to click on the Public icon and choose a location and select the city that they want to set the updates for. They can also target specific language groups by using the same interface. This is especially useful for companies that have a multicultural customer base. When it comes to targeting a specific audience in a certain city, it is a good idea to create maps and load them on the page pinpointing where the store or office is.

It is always said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is why it is smart to load images that encapsulate the vision or products of the company. This way the customers will have a picture in their head to go with all the content. Many companies get professional writers to keep their Facebook page updated with all the latest news about their company. This helps them get news of their latest products and services out to the general public and at the same time dispel malicious rumour and gossip.

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