Succession of activities
to kick start
your social media profiles
We planned to give you an insight to our clear and transparent work process. This process takes you through an adventurous ride in the Social Media Marketz. Once you are on this ride, you are guaranteed to reach the treasure on the other end. So, here it goes…
Supposedly, you’ve chosen our Entry level package for social media marketing of your business and have got the entry ticket to this month-long ride.
Week 1
Sit back and take your seat belt on…
One of our social media executive will register your profile on the 3 social media giants – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With gradually accelerating the pace, we will add all the needed details to complete your business page.
social media marketing
Hey look on the left, we have already sent invitations to 20 relevant members on Facebook & LinkedIn.
social media marketing
Not to forget, on the right goes 1 tweet and 1 re-tweet with prevailing hash tags of your service.
social media marketing
Hold on tight! We are now running over to 1 bumpy Facebook contest. Yeah, we were close to the drift but caught attention on 50 prospective people.
social media marketing
That is huge! Getting 5 follow backs on twitter in the first week is a sweet delight. Take a breath, you were successful in your first level.
social media marketing By the end of the second week, we made you the top contributor of 2 active LinkedIn groups.
social media marketing
It’s amazing how people are liking and tweeting about your upcoming freebie offer with every big order.
social media marketing
The 5 generic Facebook and LinkedIn posts that we shared through this week, obviously after taking your consent, were a great idea to engage people in discussions.
social media marketing


The speed is rising, so we scream out loud about your service offers and discounts to let people know how much you enjoy your work and business.
Week 2
Enjoy the cool breeze slapping your face
See on your back, the second week commenced with a striking background image for all three social media accounts and popular keywords on your profile to rank it higher on Google.
Week 3
Feeling the heat and water on this 5D ride
Did you pay attention to the outside of your cart? It is highlighting the link to your website to redirect your profile viewers to your main website URL.
social media marketing
Don’t you worry, we will proactively respond to the splash of queries from clients on your social profiles.
social media marketing
The weekly generic posts, shares, tweets, re-tweets, replies and discussions are moving smooth as usual. The URL of your business pages is spreading like fire on the social media.
social media marketing
Look on the top right corner; the count of Facebook friend requests and LinkedIn connection invites to your profile is consistently increasing.
social media marketing
Phew! The third week ends with 54 LinkedIn connections, 48 likes to your business page on Facebook and 36 followers on twitter.
social media marketing While analysing your customers’ opinions through the LinkedIn poll that we posted, we will generate a monthly report of how much we did to make your social media active.
social media marketing
The modified keyword targeted URL (under URL Management) of your Facebook and LinkedIn pages is indeed more searchable.
social media marketing
Won’t you enjoy video recording of your super awesome ride? Same way are your clients appreciating video marketing on YouTube.
social media marketing


The interactive images that we posted on Facebook and LinkedIn are consistently grabbing likes and shares.
Week 4
From the wavy path to the smooth race
Adventure of going in the social media and catching peoples’ eyes is all done. In this clear weather, we will now calmly interact with the prospective clients and share details about your services.
Don’t hop off the cart. To continue the liveliness of your social profiles, it is evident to plan in advance the activities for next month. You may buy another ticket and ride with us for the next level.